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Submitted by Craig Holscher (United States), Feb 11, 2010 15:01

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I listened to the reports concerning a California insurance company raising their premium 30+ percent recently, and I wanted to throw in my own premium story. This past September I received a bill from Blue Cross of Arizona with a quarterly amount due of $969. My premium two years prior was $ if my math is right, that shows and increase of 82%! I've had a major operation, and I turned 55 in that time, but I think that's still excessive. I've written to the Consumer Affairs Division for Arizona Dept of Insurance and Doctor Nancy Snyderman at MSNBC, giving them these figures and inquiring if there were any other federal agencies that would lend a sympathetic ear.

I'm sending this to you with no expectations of help from my insurance carrier, but it may help the over-all battle for Health Care reform.

Craig Holscher

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