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Submitted by Bob (United States), Feb 12, 2010 13:20

Aetna is hardly in the poorhouse either. Their net profit was only $1.28 billion in 2009 compared with $1.38 billion in 2008--it's hard to be sympathetic when millions of hard-working Americans are struggling to pay their bills in this economy, and outrageous premiums and medical expenses are partly to blame.

We have Aetna small group insurance through our small business (two employees). Our rates have gone up 72% in the past four years--23.5% this year alone! We each pay over $5,800 a year for a POS2 plan for one person. And both of us are healthy--we watch our weight, eat a healthy diet, exercise, don't smoke, no prescriptions, no pre-existing conditions, nothing... not that it should matter! We see the doctor for an annual visit and get our teeth cleaned twice a year. It's an outrage that they are charging two healthy people this much in premiums--especially given that they reserve the right to raise people's premiums by any amount they choose if they get sick (talk about an open-ended contract). People who work for small businesses who are being unfairly gouged--the size of the company you work for should not affect what you pay in premiums. What would you do if you got sick and your premiums went up to over $2000 a month?!

It would make much more sense for ALL insured people to be pooled together to average out risk, give credits to those who maintain healthy weight, cholesterol and blood pressure... stop letting people get treatment for free when the middle-class and working-class have to pay through the nose for the freeloaders, the insurance company profits, and the cost of lobbyists paying off our so-called representatives in government.

I have to say I'm disappointed at the way the Republican party (my former party) has sided with the insurance companies on the insurance reform debate, only one or two have shown any support for reform of our system, which is clearly broken. I am now registered as an independent because of their lack of action for the ordinary guy on this issue, and my better half is thinking of doing the same. We don't want to support a party that just is paying lip service to helping working people have a decent standard of living.

Sorry to write so much but this subject really gets me.

Bob in PA

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