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Submitted by Jerry Blaz (United States), Oct 25, 2011 02:20

There seems to be a suspicion among some Jews to see anti-Semites behind every uninstitutionalized social and economic movement. The OWS movement is, at this point, quite amorphous and while I'm certain some Jew-haters and Israel-haters may be among the throngs, so are many Jews and non-Jews to whom such thoughts would be abominable. There was a story that mentioned a man standing at the edge of a group of OWS demonstrators with an anti-semitic sign in his hand. However, according to the report that I read, he was ignored by all. So what does that mean? Some will say, "well of course, they are inured to such hated." Others will say, "Better that they did not make him the center of attention and let him be."

I would think that either thought, as contrary as they were to one another, defeated the purpose of the man with that sign.

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