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Submitted by phil smith (United States), Oct 31, 2011 07:31

To support ovshinskyism there is a method of learning. Stanford Ovshinsky & Nikola Tesla missed the same boat. This method of learning aims to correct what the greatest minds failed to do. Simply put. Every graduate shall be published, have copyrighted matterials in their name. They shall have filled out patient applications and been successful in an allocation attempt with a group. Also reaching out to define our worlds limits. Support as a group or individual a world record attempt. I have helped initiate think tank community self help. This became the first DARE program. I was working on my nothing but nets in JA which Bono took to Africa. I believe in Stans Na (OH ) improvement for cold weather on Nickle Metel Hydride batteries. Both Tesla & Ovshinsky missed the ability to fully impliment their science in full. I want the next Tesla to get his way. Hint. Try having bright young minds apply Ovshinskys amorphous materials to Teslas cosmic surge pump. Cosmic energy is like solar energy but at night too.

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