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Submitted by HeidiN (United States), Nov 17, 2011 17:25

This is fascinating from the standpoint of a consumer. I shop at Sears occasionally, for things like appliances and housewares. Never for clothing or shoes or jewelry. Things seemed better when they consistently carried Lands' End merchandise. But now, lackluster clothing and jewelry are on the ground floor of my mall's Sears, and it feels like a basement. The lighting is poor, the floors are grimy, the clothing is rumpled and crowded, and the sales clerks aren't to be found . . . upstairs, you find shiny tools organized on pegboards, smiling clerks hanging out near hefty washers and dryers, rows of bright towels, kitchenware, cameras.

The thing about Walmart is, I feel like trash when I shop there. I recall spending too much at the Vons/Pavilions supermarkets years ago, fresh out of school and short on cash. But strolling among gleaming deli cases, tasting olives and cheese, selecting "homemade" tortillas and fresh flowers, lingering in the soft light . . . it was an outing; it made me FEEL like a million bucks.

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