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Submitted by ben (United States), Dec 6, 2011 14:42

A person doesn't buy a car just based on dollars and cents, otherwise I would agree with Mr. Epstein. However, consumers also take into account style, presumed safety various other attributes. More fuel efficient cars are generally smaller, lighter and less powerful. People might not want to buy a car even if it is cheaper (otherwise everyone would be driving around in Honda Civics already). Some feel they need a big car to be safe on the road with other big cars (something universal standards would address as all cars would shrink in size), while other like cars that go 0-6 in 5 seconds or have vibrating seats.

I would prefer a carbon tax to CAFE standards, but in the absence of the political will to pass a carbon tax, then fuel standards are a decent second choice.

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The Future of Capitalism replies:

Did you read the whole piece or just the excerpt? Suggest you read the whole piece, you may find you agree with it more than you might think based on just the excerpt.

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