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Submitted by richard40 (United States), Dec 12, 2011 19:09

I liked Newt's answer on the infidelity question. It is far better to admit it when you clearly did something wrong, than to try and BS your way out of it, especially if it's an old mistake, and you can provide evidence that you learned from the mistake, and will not do it again Since he has been happily married to his present wife for quite awhile, and has good relations with his children and grandchildren, Newts answer that he was young and foolish, and has learned his lesson, holds some water.

On the palestinians, Newt is partly right and partly wrong. His comment that Palestine is "invented" is wrong, and unnecessarily provocative. All states are invented by somebody, as were most of the middle east states. But his followup comment that the Palestinians were not interested in peace, and it is wrong of us to treat them like they are until their attitudes change, is right on target.

I don't see the hooplah over Santorum. He is mostly going for social conservative votes, in a year when economic conservatism is what matters, and therefore I doubt if he will get anywhere, especially since both Perry and Bachman appear to be going mainly for socons as well. What they should be doing is trying to take Tea Party votes from Newt..

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