How many times?

Reader comment on: NBC's Debate Flop

Submitted by Bilge Horse (United States), Jan 24, 2012 10:54

How much debate prep do these losers need before they're ready for the job? If they can't thoroughly foresee, anticipate, and have prepared (or at least thought about) responses to the questions coming at them by now, after what feels like about 15 debates to date, it's beginning to look like they lack the mental capacity or cognitive skills to handle the job.

They and their handsomely paid "handlers" ought to be ashamed, as should the party for allowing itself to be framed by the "hostile media" that it so characterizes as a foundation-stone of its own fundraising and spin efforts.

To paraphrase the old Dukakis thing, "I can't believe these idiots will be losing to that guy [Obama]."

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