Folks were still broke

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Submitted by Reality (United States), Feb 17, 2012 07:47

I am looking forward to a gov't pension...retiring this year. But, I have enough sense to understand that no level of taxation can provide the benefits that my cohort of gov't retirees have "been promised". We are going broke, or already there. Our Federal and State corporate tax rates are some of highest in the world, even higher than Communist China! Our individual tax rates are approaching 50% for top wage earners (Fed + State + Medicare). Where do we think the money is going to come from? I don't want the rich paying 50% like they do now in California...they will go elsewhere where rates are lower. Folks it over, stop the denial. Carried interest is taxed at over 20% when you count the state and Fed. Go ahead and raise it and see where these people will move...out of America. Good-by revenue.

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