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Submitted by WJ Alden (United States), Mar 2, 2010 11:23

Too many points tomake to turn it into worthy prose, so I'll stick with bullet points:

- Eastern Europe lagged behind Western Europe for centuries, despite being home to most of its Jews.

- The Judenrein portions of Europe that were doing well in the 19th C. are still doing quite well - notably Germany.

- While Jews do outperform and make oversized economic contributions in the countries where they reside, it is likely that Jewish presence is more an indicator of economic success than its cause.

- I have to agree with Kraut Hammer that this kind of post does not go over well with we of the goyim, WASP branch. Suggesting that this or any other country would suck without your people is the sort of thing to incite hatred. It is just as biogted as saying that a country sucks because of Jews, thought the target group has changed. Our countries were doing fine before your ancestors came here. That's why they came here.

- America has plenty of Jews, and we're headed in the same direction as Greece. We're a bit behind only because we haven't yet gone the socialist route. Jewish voters and politicians (13 Jewish Democrats in the Senate, 0 Jewish Republicans) *would* have us go that way, however.

- If it is ok to suggest that Group A > Group B, is it then ok to suggest that Group B > Groups C & D? Replace A-D with Jewish whites, non-Jewish whites, Latinos and blacks, respectively. Or, is it only allowable to suggest that Group A > Everyone Else?

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