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Submitted by John (United States), May 22, 2012 09:37

Fourth, if we're really concerned about the future of capitalism, let's criticize the big picture, not get lost in the miniscule, local issues. We live in a country that is regulating itself into the ground, with a hulking, grossly inefficient, immensely cumbersome federal government apparatus that grinds innovation to a halt, creates incentives not to work, not to stay married, not to succeed, and penalizes wealth, wealth creation, working, risk-taking, investment, etc. We have the most vitriolic opponent of free enterprise ever to gain the White House in office - right now! And he's up for reelection - right now. For those of us who see the only future prosperity for this country in free enterprise and free markets, let's focus on the big picture and the things that really, really matter and affect all of us, rather than local politics (as important as that might be sometimes, or as symptomatic of the larger problem as it might sometimes appear). Thanks again. John

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