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Submitted by Tom F. (United States), Jul 5, 2012 21:17

If we judge a family guy on vacation by the fun he appears to have then shame on the dopes making such a judgment...and same for those influenced by it. I also have a "jetski" I tow to Winnipesaukee from my home in NH and launch on a public ramp. My kids and their friends take turns to waterski off the back and we all have a blast. It's not a "rich man's" sport anymore than boating, fishing, hunting, golf, etc., enjoyed by every president since George Washington.

Obama and Romney can take any vacation they please and, if they don't take their families and enjoy themselves, then they are really fakes. Both these guys are very well off indeed and can do things others can't because of their personal finances, but judging them on the fun they appear to have on vacation is the stuff of simpletons. I'd worry if he didn't know how to have fun! Keep it up and no decent human being will want to be President.

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