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Submitted by KenP (United States), Oct 18, 2012 12:35

The gentlemen, from what I've read, got treatment. Wasn't it over a half-million in care? He paid something like 1300 for it. That was the hospital doing what it must to maintain it accreditation. Everyone else ended up soaking up their added cost but that another debate without an end.

Where insurance and gifted services seperate is when it is the hospital and not a bureaucrat determining a switch to palliative care. That can be hard on patient, friends, and family. But it is honest. Everybody hears that story about the 1:10K guy who was at deaths door and came back 100%. Be nice if we could afford the other 9,999 in any atmosphere.

I've been on Medicare for 7 years. I have seen the excesses gaming the system. AARP can put their program where darkness prevails. TANSTAAFL was never truer. People get MediXXXX without any liability. Over testing and too often scheduled for a visit are part and parcel of the money mill. People that are healthy are still a huge drain on the system as it now works. Nobody says no to doctors; why bother; ain't costin' me nutin.

Every quarter the doctor would ship me in for $350 worth of blood test. I wouldn't go every time. He never noticed. Stop by an out patient waiting room any day of the week. Crowded with my peers and half are in line for a blood test. As a computer programmer I know that breakdowns of revenue by doctor are too easy and a quiet little contest that isn't going to get the attention some guy getting $100 birdog fee from a car dealer. But there isn't a difference.

Mr. K's friend may have gotten more care than I expected with Medicare. Fortunately, that last line changed when I finally found a doctor who first wanted to be a doctor. You don't realize what a problem that is.

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