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Submitted by Martin Murrer (United States), Dec 19, 2012 18:24

My understanding is that the President's home at OSU is owned by an independent group and gifted to any President of OSU at free rent. The article fails to mention that a key role of a President is recruitment and fundraising. President Gee has achieved a major upgrade of the faculty and research at The University (see change in rankings) as well as raised record amounts each year at Vanderbilt and OSU to provide for substantial upgrades in the infrastructure (see hospital rankings of both) and student housing (see Vanderbilt 4 year dorms) and OSU south campus renovation and expansion to provide housing for all thru sophomore year. One son went to Vanderbilt and my other son went to OSU. Both while Gordon was the President. They both are in their mid twenties making well into the six figures and active in charities. We could not be more thrilled with Gordon as a transformative leader which transformation yes does require financial resources. Rumor has it that Ms. Bischoff is a University of Michigan grad which could explain the distorted journalism. Envy is no basis for reporting.

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