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Submitted by NRG41942 (United States), Apr 3, 2010 00:18

The Republican standard bearer in the last election wasn't shy about attacking 'Wall Street' and was even outdone by his Vice Presidential running mate. While 'Wall Street' and 'bankers' are words that are now commonly used as pejoratives by most Democrats, many Republicans, as they become more populist, are tending to demonize people involved in financial markets in the same way.

In no small measure this is because the 'Fat Cats' allow themselves to be besmirched without protest. Rather than defend the role Wall Street plays in shaping the markets and ultimately allocating capital in our economy and around the world, they'd rather game the system to their own advantage. In the doing they are increasingly focused on finding ways to profit from government actions rather than acting entrepenuerially and safeguarding the market system. They too, like so many other sectors of our economy, have become dependent on Washington.

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