education is ultimately a zero-sun game

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Submitted by Erwin Rysz (United States), Mar 16, 2013 05:44

The real issue, whether we speak of public, charter or private schools, is the fact that educatio (from a parents/taxpayer point of view) is a zero-sum game. This means of course that spending does have consequences - or to put it another way does have consequences. In this case the truely insane spending for public education does effect how individuals educate their own children. When public ed was still under control and accountable, there was still the possibility of people choosing alternatives to public ed. Today, when teacher contracts and new school construction projects and subsequent debt have taken local taxes into the ozone layer, such choice becomes infrequent. This is why both public teacher unions and politicans read from the same playbook. The high cost of public ed has nothing to do with student outcome - it has to do with a simple thing called monopoly.

The Catholic schools have come to this point as sheep to the slaughter. School choice was once a affixed to public mentaity. Today it is a fringe type of thought. So too was the choice of WHO taught in our private schools. Today ALL teachers in ALL schools come from the same teacher factories (schools of education) and the same rot infects. The Catholic schools should indeed be different - but in many cases they are the same but less secular.

Note how the public school monopoly look down on charter schools, how school boards hate the fact that they do more with less funding. This is the same hatred they show towards private/catholic schools.This points to the fact that the greed of both teacher unions and school districts are not an accident. To the uninformed, over 100 billion dollars has been spent via the Obama "Stimulus plan" of 2009 and the real outcome was to raise people's property taxes.Now that's greed!

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