Let'em have Mexico...

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Submitted by Annie Fields (United States), Apr 8, 2010 14:24

It's not hard to imagine a divide like that of the Civil War. North & South. Let the left have the south since they don't believe in borders anyway. They're not fond of oil, guns, military or capitalism so we'll take all that, too. Not sure how they'll manage without factories to make anything since all corporations are evil so I guess they'll have to live off the land in isolation. Of course, they won't have any guns to fend off the hoards of starving people roaming the countryside trying to survive in a world without any jobs to make anything to replenish the supplies of everything that starts to wear, break, or run out, so I guess they'll have to just lay down and die since they are pacifists. Of course, the Mexican drug Mafia has no such difficulty with violence so I expect we will be busy on our newly drawn southern border keeping THEM out which will be handy because they will be right there with all the liberals about a month after secession because that's about how long it will take for them to realize how much life s*cks without us forcing them to be grown ups and live a real life.

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