Reader comment on: Irving Berlin and the Case for 'Unskilled' Immigrants

Submitted by Fast Eddie (United States), Jul 18, 2013 15:27

Once again, immigration nonsense from Mr. Stoll. For starters, if he read the Gang of 8 proposals closely, he will see that the group they favor the most is relatives of immigrants already here, irrespective of whether they came here legally or illegally and irrespective of any skills or education they may have. The Canadians have a far more enlightened set of criteria for selecting immigrants. They've seen the mess here in the U.S. and set their policies to avoid our catastrophic results. I'm always wary of arguments that rely on anecotes and one-off examples that are generalized to make a much broader argument and that is Mr. Stoll's approach, time and again. Despite the (arguable) immediate benefits of the Gang of 8 bill, even the lap dog Congressional Budget Office says that the bill will likely result in an additional 8 million illegal immigrants coming into the U.S. within a decade of passage. And, in re the CBO's projection of tens of billions of extra GDP produced by legalized illegal immigrants in the next decade, they were not asked, and therefore did not project, the longer term impact of those persons on Social Security and Medicare in the more distant future when they become eligible for those benefits, which, even with the existing set of legal beneficiaries, are in deep deep trouble.

The only light at the end of this tunnel is that the Gang of 8 bill has essentially zero chance of passing the House of Representatives. There are still, thankfully, enough thinking individuals in the House who realize that legalizing 12 million illegals will create 12 million new voters, 80 - 90% of whom will vote for Democrats.

Hurrah Hurrah, Mr. Stoll, for your grandparents. I'm glad they came here, and I'm glad you are therefore here. I hope they would have been more rational than you in analyzing the current situation. At lease you have not stooped to the level of the Wall Street Journal and your BFF Paul Gigot who calls people like me names, such as 'natavist.'

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