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Submitted by HeidiN (United States), Jan 30, 2014 17:38

I'm troubled by the judgment that this is a sad commentary on "the complex and arbitrary nature of the enforcement regime."

I see it more as something to celebrate about the smart and competitive nature of the law firm. You could read this as: defense attorney left his firm to work for, well, another side of the industry. After he gained experience, knowledge, and contacts there, he negotiated a sweet deal and returned to his former firm, with many enhancements to his skill set.

Doesn't this happen all the time in business, science, and academia? It's one of the great advantages of a free society: the opportunity to make yourself more valuable.

Further, when it comes to taking "aim at some of Wall Street's biggest banks," I suspect we could have used some of that a few years ago, when it seems to me a Republican administration's SEC sat on its hands and allowed the mortgage industry to turn the economy upside down.

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