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Reader comment on: Globe Editor Brags About Dead Paying Subscribers

Submitted by Lyle (United States), Apr 8, 2014 17:34

One of the things you are supposed to do is to notify the credit card companies when the card holder dies in fairly short order. Once they do that the card is closed no new charges can occur. Of course this does mean that the survivors should know which utility bills are paid by which cards. If the charges go thru, then the survivors have not notified the credit card companies. So the Globe is taking advantage of the failure of the survivors to do what they should.

On the other topic I wonder why when the Globe was owned by the Times it needed bureaus in places the Times itself had bureaus? If the Times had been managed as a group for example there would at least have been no globe New York Bureau since the Times could do that, likewise for the Times in Boston, and no need for two satellite bureaus in Washington and possibly other places. This of course does hint why newspaper groups don't do well they don't consolidate resources between various papers.

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