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Submitted by Chris (United States), Jul 18, 2014 11:38

"There's no way of telling at the outset who will become a success in America and who won't.."

What a cop-out. We use big data to tell us who the best baseball players are, yet heaven forbid we don't use it to profile who might be the best additions to our country - to partake in the bounty our father's fathers worked hard to preserve for their progeny.

So, what can we use? I dunno...IQ seems like a pretty starting point. (The folks you mentioned as being successful all have IQs over 130 at least. Probably even greater.) We can use education as a proxy if you don't feel like being called a racist.

How about the previous success of a country's immigrants here in the US? I know you can name all the successful Central American entrepreneurs you know on one finger perhaps, so maybe we limit the IQ 87 stoop laborers and their extended families from setting up shop, so we can allow for our own not-quite-as-gifted to have a shot at some higher wages from those cheap goddamn billionaires who need their hair(s) and lawn(s) cut.

The dream we may pluck a few lucky winners out the 20M or Central American migrants over the last 20 years is a fool's errand. Instead, the future is likely to be marred with bad decisions, paid for those who are still productive to pay taxes. Even the NYT (!) has noticed.


And migration isn't all it seems for families of migrants:


"Slam the golden door." You're living in a fantasy world, likely surrounded by a lot of white people, safely ensconced from the effects of your own suggestions. Shameful.

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