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Submitted by Bran (United States), Aug 1, 2014 22:05

It's not only politicians that hate Haystack, residents of Baltimore and Boston hate it too. Let's not paint Haystack as some sort of agent of the people. We hate Haystack more than we hate circling around looking for parking. Luckily, no one is using it except journalists and bloggers.

Haystack started in Baltimore and Boston because there are many neighborhoods where there are more cars than available parking spaces, hence the difficulty finding parking. Haystack doesn't create more parking spots, so it's not really solving the problem at all. Sure it might help one person find a place to park, but that just creates the same problem for everyone else looking for parking that night. At some point, people go to sleep and there will still be folks out there forced to park illegally at the risk of getting a ticket.

The local government doesn't stand to lose any money if people actually start using Haystack, because people would be paying for Haystack on top of paying the meters. But it's a double wammy for the consumer. I applaud Boston's politicians for supporting their constituents' concerns about Haystack, unlike Baltimore's mayor.

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