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Submitted by John Gillis (United States), Nov 12, 2014 18:13

This post by Hennessey is remarkably focused, detailed and moral. And he highlights the underbelly of Democratic "ethics". An ethics is normally thought of as a code of values relating to what is Good. But in the case of the Democrats it is a code designed to deceive, dissemble and deny. Not features that even Democrats would normally consider part of Good practice. Thus they are in a fatal contradiction.

Hennessey does a great job of teasing out the absurdity of Gruber's statements, and the utterly amoral and evil consequences of the "ethics" of such creatures as Gruber. That Gruber is a major player in the development of the "Affordable" Care Act is reason enough to call for its repeal.

It's grim to think that a guy like Gruber probably receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from MIT to infect the body politic with his honesty about lying.

Thanks to the editor for unearthing this post.

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