Once again, Ben you are misinformed ...

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Submitted by martin (United States), Apr 30, 2010 16:38

It looks like I could make a career in refuting your baseless remarks.

(I actually went here to comment positively as a recent reader of Ira's book - terrific - and to offer encouragement and congratulations.) Instead I see another one of your screeds.

I've already addressed your ill-informed take on immigration in Arizona in another comment.

You won't catch me defending the Patriot Act, but I don't see you attacking this administration for its extension and expansion.

I'm not informed enough about the oil platform issues (l don't know even if there is enough information out there for anyone to be so). However, it's interesting how very convenient this accident is for the present administration. When I first heard it reported, I wondered how long it would take them to backpedal on their stated intention to expand offshore drilling. Not long. Predicably, the media fell in lock step. For example I heard someone on NPR today refer to the "mass murder" of sea life and how awful it is to drill. Wouldn't it be better to make bio-cellulose fuel? (I like rainbows and sunshine too, but 1, it is not feasible to produce sufficient quantities, and 2, it not even in the "ballpark" of reality for affordability. (their term, not mine.))

Don't get me wrong, I'm not for oii spills. BP can and will pay to clean up their mess. And if they did something wrong, they should be held accountable. But equating fish kill with mass murder? Gimme a break. Animals and fish aren't people. PERIOD.

Finally, it's obvious from your commments that you have never bothered to watch Glenn Beck. You're still talking about Bush as though Beck defends him. I have news for you. He doesn't. I don't. Your inconsistency shows almost as much as your ignorance. If you're going to criticize, at least make sure you verify that what you're criticizing actually happened. You seem to be one of those who mindlessly repeats the angry memes of Beck's critics ... without actually looking at what he's said. (This is why I listen to NPR - to make sure that if I feel the need to attribute horsesh*t to them, that I actually know what they said in the first place.)

But I digress, since you have brought up Bush, let me try to tell you what I gleaned during his administration (which coincides with what Beck has been saying.) As far as I can tell, Bush is a nationalist progressive with some integrity (I don't recall him attacking anyone in the media who disagreed with him) who can't pronounce "nuclear", and Obama is an internationalist progressive completely lacking integrity who can't pronounce "corpsman". (As much as I cringed every time I heard "nu-queue-ler", at least the dictionary lists it as an alternative pronunciation - contrasted with Obama's inane "corpse-man".) At the end of the day, they are both big government advocates leading us down the same damn path - insolvency and governmental control. Bush gave us the prescription drug program and TARP, Obama has given us socialized medicine, the nationalization of GM and Chrysler -- for starters. I've never heard Beck blindly defend Bush as you seem to suggest. (And yes, I watch Beck as well as listen to NPR.)

You really should make some attempt to know of what you speak, before you comment.

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