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Submitted by Rocinante3d (United States), Aug 17, 2015 00:07

I come from a socialist country. My city is very proud of Rosa Luxemburg Square, Maxim Gorky Street and Karl Marx place. The city doesn't work, hasn't worked for 68 years and probably won't for the rest of the century. Every time I see socialism tried in another country I just weep.

It doesn't matter where its tried, it fails spectacularly. You name the place, South Anerica, Northern Europe, North Africa, Southeast Asia have all tried it and it has failed everywhere.

And now you want to try it here in America. You want try it with a old white guy whose job was to be a Senator for a very long time. It took your Bernie shirt a month and a half to get. It takes the Bernie campaign 45 days to process one shirt. Does that give you some idea of the efficiency of his organization? 45 days for one shirt, imagine 45 days to get an appointment for free medical care that Bernie promises? Imagine 45 days to get a response from a college that will give you free education as Bernie promises. Imagine 45 days to get into a waiting list for subsidized housing that Bernie will promise you if you vote for him. That's the new and improved version of socialism that Bernie is promising you. You already got a taste of socialism and now you want more.

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