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Submitted by Lyle (United States), Jul 11, 2017 17:40

N York City and San Francisco and to a bit lesser extent LA all have natural barriers to growth including rivers in NYC, the Bay and Mountains in SF and Mountains in LA. As many point out people don't like to live densely which is what zoning changes would result in more population density. (Which all the urban expert types love but which studies show that when folks become parents they want a single family house on a reasonable sized lot. Instead have people move to what is called flyover country on the coasts, where cities have no natural boundries or only on one side . Such as DFW Atlanta, Indy, Springfield IL, Des Monies, KC, etc. In these cities it is the suburb that makes the difference. Perhaps the solution to the other cities is to pay a bounty for folks to move and move jobs away. For example in IT NYC and SF should not have any data centers rather for NYC the Poconos, and for SF, Sacramento because these cities are less subject to natural disasters (i.e. in large part move away from the coasts)

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