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Submitted by Luis (United States), Dec 10, 2020 21:13

The writer of this comment is a simple, unassuming, analytical, well-prepared man-on-the-street and does not have the resources to know if the "unprecedented requirement to slow down Phase III trials" even took place, or if it did what the consequent effects actually were, but, BUT, it is, oh, so very easy, to believe that the bureaucrats at FDA, the bureaucrats more motivated by politics--and in this case, politics negative for anything Trump does--were capable of doing such an evil thing.
Then, of course, there is the four-day shutdown for the Thanksgiving holiday. We simply cannot be surprised that Washington Swamp bureaucrats would feel no "warp-speed" urgency when such a life-and-death situation is in their hands.
All of which is exactly why we wanted, and still want, Trump TO DRAIN THE SWAMP! Doggone it!!!!
If these ...manage to steal the election for Sleepy Joe, these establishment bureaucrats will scare up some justification to weaken, or do away with entirely, the investigations that Durham is conducting, notwithstanding his new title of special counsel, or any investigations into Hunter Biden's sleazy international dealings. And we can only hope that the Perdue and Loeffler campaigns push this idea hard in order to get the turnout they need in order to win and so hold the Senate majority for Republicans.

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