Paradox? Not so much

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Submitted by Tom Bowler (United States), Aug 25, 2021 11:12

George Soros is reputed to have said: "The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States. This is a harsh — indeed, for me, painful — thing to say, but unfortunately I am convinced it is true."

Open borders are Soros's way to mitigate America's "destabilizing" influence in our otherwise perfect and best of all possible worlds. He works to overwhelm that conservative constituency that believes America should defend itself and its people by inundating it with new citizens whose familiarity with the concept of constitutionally protected freedoms and rights is passing at best.

By goading Biden into a hurried abandonment of Afghanistan, Soros has created a message about America. To America's allies: Beware. America is never to be trusted. To America's enemies: Rejoice. America will never maintain the will to defeat you. To America's troops and veterans: Sorry. Your blood, your sacrifices, and your lives don't matter as much as the hard political choices your leaders have to make to get themselves re-elected.

I can't imagine how Biden could have delivered Soros's message any better than he did. There's no paradox. Biden and Soros are on the same page.

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