No, It's Not a "Paradox"

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Submitted by David Murray (United States), Aug 26, 2021 16:12


No, it's not "ironic" or a "paradox" that Americans both want to end unnecessary wars, and are critical of How Joe Biden chose to do it. Wanting to rescue hostages from Kabul airport doesn't make George Soros "conflicted," either.

No one is criticizing the decision to get out. Even Trump and Biden agreed on that. It's the way it was done. Was it necessary to leave so chaotically, in a way that endangered thousands of Americans and others? Was it necessary to proceed without consulting key allies, including those whose nationals were placed in harm's way? Was it necessary to gift the Taliban with billions of dollars worth of military equipment? Was it necessary to either not have or to hide key information such as the exact number of passport-holding Americans in the country? While it's true that both Republican and Democratic presidents have contributed their share of mistakes to the long Afghanistan involvement, the departure shambles is the fault of Joe Biden and his team alone.

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