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Submitted by richard40 (United States), Mar 15, 2011 11:14

We want to have as many people as possible who are capable of handling college material go to college. But sending somebody to college who isn't suited for it, may just end up turning a potentially great plumber, electrician, truck driver, secretary, or waitress into a useless liberal arts graduate. I think a far better use of ed funds would be to have some kind of apprenticeship program to provide job training in real skills for those that dont go to college. For example, pay plumbers or electricians for taking on apprentices to train. A lot of these highly skilled blue collar occupations are even more badly needed than engineers, and more badly needed than mediocre cultural anthropology or diversity studies majors.

I also agree that the real competitive advantage of the US is not college graduates, but great entrepreneurs, and that is the occupation our economic policy should be trying to foster. Unfortunately, that is the class that Obamas and the dem policies are doing their best to kill.

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