printing diplomas and printing money

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Submitted by New Class Traitor (United States), Mar 15, 2011 11:29

OK, so if we want everybody (including those with below-average IQs) to have a college degree, what we will get is hordes of graduates in vapid "studies" programs. The programs that actually do require intelligence and hard work (engineering, medicine, physics,...) won't attract any more student: and even now their curricula have to be dumbed-down because one can nowadays graduate college without having mastered the three Rs at a college-appropriate level.

And employers, who want some sort of indicator that an applicant has above-average brainpower but are forbidden to test because of "disparate impact", will start ignoring college degrees altogether. Like if you print enough money, eventually you get the Zimbabwean dollar.

All 0bama is doing is trying to create a massive make-work program for the academic New Class.

New Class Traitor

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