Taking Obese Kids Away From Their Parents?

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Submitted by Jacqueline Whittig (United States), Jul 13, 2011 22:08

What are you thinking? We have custody of our grand-daughter, a beautiful teenager. But now she has put on some weight, and yes we are concerned, but she was born without a thyroid. About all of my family has been big, and has went through the bypass surgery. Maybe we should go ahead and get our grand-daughter done now. Her mother is in jail, we have custody of her, and she couldn't be happier here. But listen, I want you to get this. She has gained weight. She loves the computer and wii games. She has no friends to speak of, and I know by experience it is the weight. When she goes out, people don't stop and look at her like they did. Well big deal. I have a beautiful grand-daughter that is legally blind in her left eye, she had to have surgery. Now after bringing her home from the hospital, we had to rush her back over, she was dying. Guess what? No thyroid. The doctor comes in, and he said, bad news. Your daughter has no thyroid, and at this point we don't know what to do. They started doctoring with a thyroid doctor there, and she started getting well. Praise the Lord. You know I could tell you things about my "blotched" up surgeries, and I always wanted to know why I made it. My grand-daughter. The only problem we have is like i tunes, i pod, etc. We have no one to teach her. Everyone is busy. My heart goes out to her. I feel like I am letting her down. Where are the good people that knows grandma's and grandpa's don't know alot about i tunes, i pods, etc. No one has offered. Not one person to show her. Now she has ADD. On her report card it wasn't real bad, but she needed tutored in Social Studies. In citizenship, straight A+s all year on her report card. I thought that was wonderful. One F in Social Studies. If anyone would try to take her away from me, we would move to another Country. I remember we use to go to my doctor appointment in Muncie, then we would stop at Ryans and eat. She loved it. Now she wants no one to see her because she has gained weight. Look around. We are not going to be the only ones, nor the last. Why don't you worry about cigarette smoking in front on the kids? She said she will never smoke. There is 1 smoker in the house, and she worries about him. She should worry about herself with him smoking all over the house. You can be heavy and get diabetes or other illnesses. You can be around cigarette smoke and get cancer, and other things. But when you come and say, your daughter or grand-daughter will be better with someone else, she needs to lose weight. That would tear her up worse than anything. Before you jump in, start thinking and using the child's mind to decide what is best for her, talk to her. I guarantee she will lose it. Nobody wants to be big, but what do you do if you are? You have no friends, and grandma would give her life up for her. Leave the chidren alone. I took care of it, when things got out of hands. There are people who will do that. When it comes to what you are saying, does that mean you are going to limit the alcohol for actors and actresses? It is just not children here. These actresses, do you think they would be thin if they didn't have to be? I have one more thing to say. Someone isn't thinking in the White House again.

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