Loose children because of weight

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Submitted by Jacqueline Whittig (United States), Jul 14, 2011 08:46

This has bothered me all night. Now who is saying all this, and where are their brains? You want to take a happy child out of a parents or grand-parents home do to a weight issue that has ran in their family forever. Several cousins has got bypass surgeries to loose weight. Now, what about cigarette smoking? A bad thing for children to be around. Should you take the child out of the house if someone is smoking? I am the grandma that has custody of the grand-daughter. She is happy, straight A pluses all year in citizenship, but that counts for nothing? Here is one for you. On Face Book a while back, a girl, the same age as my grand-daughter was going to sneak out after dark and meet her boyfriend at the park. She loves him, and she is ready? Ready for what? You figure it out. If I have to move to Canada we would go. I know weight is bad, so is cigarette smoking, or second hand smoke, so is a teenager with a baby. Medicaid helps though, don't it? I brought my grand-daughter in here last night and showed her what the news was, and she cried and said, "Grandma, they are not going to take me are they?" My grandma was 80 some when she died. Overweight, never even had her gall badder out. Now my cousins has had by-pass surgeries, and one cousin, God Bless her Soul, has had 26 operations since she had hers. She was a nurse, and very smart. As long as the child is happy, let things be!! Talk to your daughter or grand-daughter, keep her up to date, but let her know there are things that can go wrong. If she gave me any problems, I would do something about everything. I get no problems. I am going to work with her, but I don't have the money for exercise classes, and all of that. I am ashamed of our country to put down overweight children, when there are so much more that is going on.

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