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Submitted by Granus (United States), Aug 12, 2011 08:03

Saw only part of the "debate" but

1) All candidates are honest and any would be better than the current dishonest-from-the-top-down administration.. Paul, the most extreme, can not be elected. Philosophies aside, as a person, the difference between him and Obama is that Paul is honest and open, Obama is neither.

2) Huntsman's words on China should be heard everywhere and heeded. Several need to go to school on Iran.

3) The Bachmann/Pawlenty argument re taxes was a false controversy created by the moderator that Bachmann had the presence of mind to straighten out by noting the sanctity-of-life content of the legislation being voted on. Writ small at the state level, a classic case of legislative blackmail and perhaps a strong supporting argument for the line item veto.

4) It was interesting to note how the press seems to match the candidates. The MSM is sanctimonious, shrill, dissembling, dishonest, equivocating, and nasty matching characteristic-for-characteristic their party of choice, its politics, and people. Last night's crew displayed the press's normal "gotcha" tendencies that so often cause it to miss the point but were, like the candidates, a refreshing breath of clean air.

I'll take these people in a heartbeat over any crew of pols and press the Democrats will put up against them.

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