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Submitted by JimmyT (United States), Aug 12, 2011 09:45

I agree with some of your assessment, but, not all. Romney did as Romney always does; talk out of both sides of his mouth. He has no core beliefs, so anything he thinks you might want to hear is what he says. I take that back. He has one core belief: He believes he should be president. But, anyone who believes that government, state or fed, has the authority to mandate citizens to buy a product or service, is way too "moderate" for the repub nominee. Bachmann did quite well in my opinion. Newt did what Newt does: expresses good ideas. Not going to be the nominee, but, I like to listen to his opinion, sometimes. What I really can't believe is how you dismissed Santorum. He did an excellent job, from a conservative standpoint. One of the things that disappointed me about your article was to brand Bachmann as one "unable" to compromise. As Reagan and Bush I learned with their "spending cuts" deals with the dems, when dealing with the devil, ever time you compromise your principles, you have taken one more step toward hell.

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