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Submitted by JohnRDC (United States), Aug 12, 2011 08:31

I've never heard of Mr. Stoll before, but I agree with what he is saying.

In her unbending conservatism, Bachmann scares me even more than Ron Paul does. Although Pawlenty seemed to come off second best going toe-to-toe against the uncompromising Bachmann, if he has the wherewithal to keep on the attack, he will get somewhere. I believe that was the gist of a comment Joe Trippi made to Sean Hannity after the debate.

Not only is Chris Wallace in particular trying to polish his credentials among his fellow beltway journalists, he is one dumb hombre. This was on display the first time some weeks ago on his show when he asked Bachmann if she was "a flake." Most of the other questioners were limp and most of the questions were vacuous. Poor showing by Fox news.

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