The unseen of altruism

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Submitted by Robert Villegas (United States), Aug 29, 2011 05:30

Virtually everything done by the Obama administration is based on the "seen" of taking peoples' money and spending it on something else, leftist programs of re-distribution or assistance to companies who make "green" products, money for libraries, money for roads and bridges and money for cronies who find a way to launder the money into union coffers and campaign war chests. Because these monies are removed from the economy and from their legitimate use, legitimate spending on new production, investing in new companies and new jobs, the money finds less productive use and/or is consumed by those who do not understand the importance and value of savings. At the root of government spending is the idea of altruism, which involves a "moral authority" who tells the producer to sacrifice his money for the sake of the consumer of money. The unseen of altruism is the money sacrificed that is thrown into an abyss of lies. The producer loses not only the value of his money that would have been more wisely invested or consumed but also the incentive to produce more as well as the interest he would have earned on the money had it been invested. These losses, due to the administration's spending policies, are reflected directly in lost jobs, lost companies and lost production...the very economic circumstances that the administration blames on political opponents. When the President says his policies averted disaster, he avoids the unseen disaster reflected in downward economic numbers that he pretends he inherited. Those stimulus programs are the real culprits; they are re-distribution (altruism) and they stimulate nothing but economic decline. It is altruism that enables him to hide the unseen. While he advocates more sacrifice, community service and deficit spending, he ignores the unseen disasters he is causing. One could say that the President is stubbornly adhering to the very policies that are causing our destruction. He is destroying our nation through his explicit philosophy.

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