mixing two different things.

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Submitted by Lyle (United States), Nov 19, 2011 11:39

One is utilizing the current tax laws to the fullest (the lawyer and accountant full employment process, all be it it doesn't work too well for most lawyers), the second is what is the fair share. Buffet has to do the suit otherwise he is not fulfilling his obligation to his stockholders. The second is his personal opinion, and not necessarily that of Berkshire. This confusion has existed since the 1870-1880 period. At that time Jay Gould controlled a number of railroads, the UP being one, The UP and the Burlington made an agreement, but the Wabash (which Gould also controlled) ignored the agreement and did what it wanted. The Burlington folks felt ill used by Gould, however this was the beginning of the clear divorce between a company and its leader, they do have different interests.

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