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Reader comment on: Buffett Sues the IRS

Submitted by John Gillis (United States), Nov 19, 2011 17:24

This is the kind of story that causes metaphorical Schizophrenia.

On the one hand, commenters Lyle and Ken, who say mixing up Buffet's personal political philosophy position with the corporate CEO's need to serve his shareholders is a fair point. There is definitely that valid distinction.

On the other hand, since NetJets serves very rich people, this tax on the trips of the super-rich seems to be the perfect vehicle for socialists like Obama and Buffet to stick it to the rich. One would expect a terrible feeling of cognitive dissonance in Mr. Buffet's brain over having to take legal efforts to stop his beloved IRS enforcers from getting 643 million dollars from those "underpaying millionaires and billionaires". Poor Mr. Buffett, he may have to seek counseling.

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