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Submitted by John Gillis (United States), Nov 28, 2011 17:27

Could this post be intended as some strange irony? The idea of claiming to be for a "free market approach" while advocating a carbon tax is remarkable irony.

But I suspect this commenter doesn't realize that the free market doesn't involve the government (in the form of taxes or regulations) -- that's why it's called "free", aka, free of government involvement.

And for the substantive claims of the post:

1. I would say that *despite* that we spend too much money on defense in the Middle East, it is clear that oil and gas are tremendously efficient forms of fuel. The oil and gas industry are tremendously fleeced by the Feds and States.

2. Why does the commenter believer there are negative effects of global warming? (And given the new lies exposed by Wikileaks last week showing that global warmists have been cooking the data, what is the real data about warming or cooling?) If there really were global warming -- as there has been in past millennia before humans were ever involved -- perhaps it would be on balance really beneficial, since plants love a warmer climate.

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