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Submitted by M. Report (United States), Jan 22, 2012 17:12

The entire federal government, all three branches, has been moving for decades directly away

from necessary reform and towards the edge of an economic cliff which is rapidly approaching.

The incumbents are so invested in the current course, so deep in denial, that they cannot change

and therefore must be replaced, starting with the members of Congress, in a process already

begun by the TEA Party. It would help if the Presidency were held by someone who would aid

reform, rather than opposing it, and the only candidate who might do so is Newt Gingrich, if

his enlightened self-interest can overcome his ego and his attachment to the DC power structure.

The Presidency is intended as the First Responder to national emergencies, and if/when the

emergency is triggered , say when Greece defaults next May, and the prices of necessities start

to rise in response, a radical, aggressive, candidate such as Gingrich may suddenly appear

much more attractive.

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