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Submitted by Fast Eddie (United States), Sep 11, 2012 12:45

At the state and local level, Republicans are doing rather well in winning elections. Romney's weakness is something of an exception to this strength and there are two reasons that go a long way to explaining it, namely, that Romney is not a very good candidate with advisors who seem to be novices at putting out a coherent message; and Obama has a built-in advantage due to favorable demographics arising from minority and hispanic voters that don't affect local elections to the same degree.

It doesn't help Romney that he is a wealthy financier at a time when the country is still in an economic ditch due primarily to the irresponsible behavior of wealthy financiers on Wall Street and elsewhere. The only bright spot, for now, is that if Romney loses it will set up the country for a contest in 2016 where the Democrats may well be so reviled that even a weak Republican challenger will have a good shot at being elected and the party's 'bench' is stocked with quite a few good potential candidates.

It is also worth mentioning that much of the current polling data is probably unreliable because of the makeup of the sampled populations, i.e., %Dems vs %Repubs vs. %Indepts seems to be highly skewed to over-represent Dems and under-represent Repubs and Indepts.

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