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Submitted by Fast Eddie (United States), Sep 13, 2012 20:12

Most national polls in most of the presidential election cycles in the past several decades have skewed Democratic. Part of this, indeed maybe most of this, is due to the pollsters' over-representation of Democrats and under-representation of Republicans and Independants within the polled samples. And another factor, which is pure guesswork on my part, is that Republicans and Independants tend to vote in higher proportions to their registration numbers than do Democrats, possibly because a much higher percentage of those identifying as Democrats are minorities and minority voting percentages are always lower than non-minority voting percentages. This trend may intensify as more states implement voter ID requirements. It is now clear that if Minnesota had had clean voter roles and required voted ID, Al Franken could not have stolen the senatoral election thanks to hundreds of votes from convicted (and ineligible) felons.

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