Rolling back is the freedom way

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Submitted by John Gillis (United States), Jun 19, 2014 17:38

The editor is speaking of the right direction -- removal of licensing.

Occupational licensing in America is largely as worthless as taxi licensing and other interferences in the economy by governments.

As a licensed person, I know this from the inside. Licensing is generally foisted upon the populace by special interest groups (doctors, architects, engineers, lawyers, etc.) whose main interest is creating a restricted guild so they can make more money. Prior to the 20th century most doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. had no licenses (because there were no such state laws) and America became the pre-eminent economic and entrepreneurial powerhouse of the world, despite this lack of bureaucratic oversight.

The actual skills of a professional and the marketplace ultimately determines whether a professional succeeds in the world, not a government license. In my 40+ years, I have never actually had a client ask to see my license or ask if I have one -- because they came based on reputation and experience, not based on what some bureaucrats in a state capitol think about my skill levels.

And as for software engineering, there already is in place thorough private certification and accreditation for many sub-disciplines in software work, that companies depend upon for their hiring decisions. No governement will do a better job of evaluating skills of software engineers, so why bring into the equation any coercion -- which is all that government adds.

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