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Submitted by John Gillis (United States), Jul 7, 2014 19:05

A great triumvirate. The Crovitz column throws down the gauntlet with the simple five word Constitutional Amendment. However the sad fact is this Amendment should not even need to exist in an ideal world, since the the American Constitution strongly implies open borders (America being the land of the free). And because Americans do not have the moral right to stop other Americans from hiring foreigners who choose to come to our shores. And, further, as Crovitz reminds us, the greatest growth in American history, during the 19th century was during a time of completely open borders. The Cochrane blog is wonderful in its startle factor, and reminds me of a similar blog by Harry Binswanger some years ago estimating the carrying capacity of Texas alone in the multi-billions, based on densities in Europe. And lastly the story of the seven-time child immigrant is a stirring description of human determination going after something good -- the America that was, and still partly is, free.

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