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Submitted by Richard Albarino (United States), Jul 8, 2014 20:22

OK, then you live here, I'm moving out. We're already choking. This is no longer America it's Northern Latin America. Stop ant think for a minute. Why are people so desperate to come here that they would sacrifce their children, or at least least expose them to incalulagble danger? Why? Because the US Is NOT Guatemala or Mexico. It's America. Southern California is already Northern Mexico. And Mexico is a fetid hellhole of unimagineable corruption. (I've liver there, I know.) Do they leave all that behind when they colonize America? Make no mistake about it, the numbers are so huge that it's not immigration, it's colonization. There are countless places I could tajke you to in Southern California where there are no signs in English and there are no gringos and where English is not spoken. And where will they go once they have made California, or the United States into Mexico? Look at the one indescapable fact: THEY WANT TO ESCAPE MEXICO. WHERE WILL THEY GO WHEN THE US BECOMES MEXICO??? The Oligarchs like Rupert Murdock, whoe nationality is strictl;y opportunistic we this equaztion: More People = More Consumers = Cheaper Wages = More Money and More Money and More Money and Morew Money, so that he can live in his gated estate in Bel Air. He was kickded out of England so he's fled here. Think about the Indians. They never thought that the whie man would erase them But he did. And the Surge from the South will erase us. And don't give me ulticulturalism. A Frankfort School Marxist fraud to foment civil war.

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