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Submitted by Bob (United States), Sep 4, 2015 00:42

With his insisting on giving speaches and media interviews entirely Spanish, his pro-illegal Hispanic / anti-Asian immigrant reparks, indifference to other citizen's concerns, and ignoring all of the other nationalities that make up this nation, Jeb has effectively declared himself a niche candidate for the Hispanic community.

There are another 300,000,000 Americans who make up this nation that are cut out of Jeb's little ethnic love fest.

That's a grave and stupid political blunder and is reflected in his very low approval numbers. People don't want a president who plays ethnic group favorites - especially when appearances are that they will benefit Jeb's family and friends..

Trump rightly observed that if Jeb wants to be president of all Americans he's got to stop this silly pandering to a single group and broaden his appeal to all Americans and at minimum speak a language that is common among all ethnicities in the US.

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