Capitalism Has Failed

Reader comment on: 'Capitalism Has Failed Us,' NYT Reviewer Claims

Submitted by Erick Tippett (United States), Jul 13, 2018 17:46

The idea that anything extrinsic seals the fact of the human mind is faulty at best.
The failure in my view in regards to this writter's opinion is that it is our
educational institutions and systems nation wide that have failed the masses and not any particular economic system or form of government for that matter. Sir Bertrand Russell when he visited the United States a hundred years ago observed immediately and stated that the "American educational institutions do not teach their people the art of critical thinking". I would add as others have that the American educational systems and institutions DO NOT TEACH TEACHERS HOW TO TEACH SELF CONTROL, THOUGHT
CONTROL, EMOTIONAL CONTROL NOW, as well! Marva Collins gave the United States an excellent example of how to do that successfully with GHETTO children, some from
CRACK HOUSES, so well that Ronald Reagan tried to convince her to become his
Secretary of Education! Even author Maria Konnikova mentions Collins with praise in her book "How to think like Sherlock Holmes"!

Apparently the author of this book has not thought very much about the how minds
are shaped by parents, community, but perhaps more importantly


Erick Dean Tippett
Retired Musician/Teacher
Chicago, Illinois

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