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Submitted by Brian (United States), Jun 4, 2010 14:50

It is one thing to hold a company accountable for it's actions, it is another to demand war against a private company. While I understand that many many lives were negatively affected by this disaster, spreading the destruction and ruining more lives is not the answer. I grew up in Mobile, AL and until two months ago lived in New Orleans so this is very personal for me and most of the people I know, but if you destroy BP you just destroy even more lives of all the people that work for BP from the Gulf Coast. Not to mention the support industries that go along with it (transportation to the rigs, food and other supplies, maintainance and communications staff). And this is of course only referring to the rigs, not the refineries and administrative offices that would be affected.

And before you go tearing into BP for not taking care of the oil right away, have you actually thought about the situation? This is a situation that has not occured before, and they are finding out that things that worked in other situations do not work here. They did not know that before BECAUSE IT HAS NOT HAPPENED BEFORE. They are shelling out money left and right to try to get this fixed. And they are also having to pay for every drop of oil that comes out of that pipe, even if they cannot reclaim it. Every day this continues is costing them money. Why wouldn't they be putting their best efforts forward? Companies don't survive by hemorraging cash indefinitely. I mean, honestly, if you can judge that they aren't doing their best that means that you must obviously have some great and perfect plan ready to actually fix the problem. The problem I'm referring to is the flow of oil into the gulf waters, not figuring out who to blame.

So what would really be accomplished by seizing BP? Other than letting the government know that it's okay to use sentiment and emotion to override reason and balance just to take whatever it wants.

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