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Submitted by RogerJ (United States), Jun 4, 2010 12:03

Americans are sometimes "informed" just enough to be really dangerous. This is the stupidest thing that I have ever heard. Certainly, the federal government could assist in the cleanup of this accident. However, there is NO liability here, certainly not BP. Accidents happen, but Americans have been taught by the media and by our litigious society to seek out blame. No, BP is not delaying fixing this for any sort of gain. That is absurd. Stopping this leak is certainly a difficult thing to accomplish. And now there are millions of mis-informed Americans who have been told by the media to blame BP. For What? For responding to a crisis when it happened? Why aren't those lazy "armchair consultants" getting up and doing something instead. And there have been several similar underwater oil-well spills in recent years - just not off the coast of America, and not so well publicized. Get the protesters off the streets and into profitable jobs where they can actually make a positive impact on the economy. Or make them go clean up oil along the coast if they actually want to help out.

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